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Who We Are

Welcome to the web home for Norcal Camaros. A group of 5th and 6th generation Camaro owners from the Northern California area that get together for drives, car shows, meets, food, special events and Charity events. If you love all things Camaro then this is the club for you. From stock to custom show cars and track cars we love all Camaros.This is a club for friends and families with no Drama, no sideshows allowed. We are all here for the love of our cars. Your taste is just that yours.


We are all about getting out and enjoying our cars and are always trying to set up meets and events to get you off your couch and in the driver’s seat. If you would rather sit on your couch and look at pictures of cars this is not the group for you. If you want to get out and see Northern California and meet other Camaro owners come join us.

What we do:


Since we are Camaro enthusiasts we not only like to look at our cars, mod our cars but we love to take em out and carve asphalt.  Long, short, curvy, or straight a good cruise is always on the horizon.

Meets and shows

We spend alot of time and money modding, detailing, tinkering, and lighting these things. So lets go show em off.





Charity events

We are all very lucky to have the toys we do. So when the opportunity comes up lets help out and give back.





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